Late flight and need to get to the British Virgin Islands

Company Ticketing Policies



Prepayment required to guarantee reservations.


Passengers are required to check in at least thirty (30) minutes prior to departure. Passengers shall comply with all Government travel requirements, and present exit, entry, and other required documents.


The fare for carriage hereunder is subject to change. Carrier reserves the right to refuse carriage to any person who has acquired a ticket in violation of applicable law or Carrier’s tariffs, rules, or regulations.


Tickets are good for six months from the date of issue.


Carrier is not responsible for luggage and parcels.
It is our intention however to show due diligence in loading and unloading baggage. We ask all passengers to be aware not to overpack bags, which often causes strain on handles and stitching when lifted. Passengers are allowed one (1) small piece as a carry one. Excess baggage will be subject to a service charge. Bags weighing over 40lbs will incur an over-weight charge of $0.75 per pound.

Land and Water sport equipment will be charged  large items. Cost will be assessed based on size/weight and start at $25 and can go up to $60.Boxes and packed coolers are considered cargo. Cost starts at $15 per piece and will increase based on size and weight.

We DO NOT carry pieces that exceed 75lbs.






Carrier’s sole responsibility to issue a refund is only for cancellation due to mechanical failure.


All refunds are subject to a 15% service charge.